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Beekeeping Course Open Now at River Almond Farms
Ecosystem at River Almond Retreat
Health and Wellness
September at River Almond Farms,Perthshire Scotland
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Beginners Beekeeping Course at River Almond Retreat
Beekeeping Course for beginners 

Starting Saturday 19th May 11am -12 noon weekly
At River Almond Retreat,Fundao
Donation of 15.00 euros .
The course will run over a series of Saturdays. You will also have the opportunity to purchase a hive of organic bees free of any chemical treatment.
James Gunning has been a beekeeper for over thirty five years and practices natural beekeeping.This is a chance to learn top tips and information from a very experienced and knowledgeable Beekeeper.
The Course will Cover
Understanding the Beehive
Positioning of hives
Shrubs and plants for pollination and nectar
Basic hive management including
Spring management
Observation of hive and contents
Remedial actions required to optimize a healthy hive
Summer management includes
Looking for Queen cells
Recognizing Queen cells
Recognizing Drone cells
Understanding the workers
Swarm management
Swarm Control
Swarm catching
The use of bait hives
Late Summer management Includes
Honey production and safe removal and storage
Autumn management includes
Observation of the hives in preparation for winter
Understanding the weight of hive in respect of food stores
learning to make the hives secure against all animals and winter weather conditions