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September at River Almond Farms,Perthshire Scotland
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September at River Almond Farm,Perthshire Scotland

The sun is shining again finally,with a soft northerly wind  just enough to embrace the senses,with the smell of freshly made honey,.we witness this  most magnificent magic from mother nature and spy the bees taking in the pollen from the willow herb,oregano and heather.The sun gifts her shadows on the trees long enough to kiss the beak of the house martin resting on its leaves,until it dances up through the only clear blue sky we have seen all summer,and to meet the companion swallow diving through a bed of  lavender, purple  and lilac flowers  as far as the eye can see,while the radiant pink rose petals are drifting in the Autumn wind,making way for rose hips,juniper,holly berries, autumn, flowering crocus, and more and more heather.It will finally be a gentler week for nature all around us