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Emotional Freedom Technique
Emotional Freedom Technique can be used to calm anxiety,ease cravings, and to release the emotional tension that can contribute to physical symptoms. You will also begin to look at how to work with EFT to ease the emotional response to memories of intense events.There are multiple demonstrations and three practice sessions during the week, so that you can leave ready to start bringing EFT into your life. This Course Will Cover •Introducing EFT and development of EFT •The 'Basic Recipe' and shortcuts. •Psychological reversal. •'Aspects' and the importance of being specific. •Testing the changes. •Handling emotional intensity. •The Movie Technique. •Using EFT for aches and pains. •Using EFT for stressful memories. •Using EFT for cravings. Includes accommodation,daily vegetarian or vegan meals,daily yoga and meditation,with aromatherapy and reiki reflexology,far infrared sauna therapy optional 40 euros day.
Price: 1 120,00 €
River Almond Relaxing Detox Retreat - Daily,Weekend,Weekly
A Deeply Relaxing Retreat, Starting with morning meditation breath work, gentle yoga flow.Additional optional treatments to warm the soul and body such as reiki ,aromatherapy,warm stone therapy,betonite clay or seaweed body mask, vegan and vegetarian meal preparation with emphasis on balancing the body and mind. The day retreat includes delicious organic juices and healthy organic lunch and herb detox teas,use of toweling robes and slippers Cost per person per day
Price: 80,00 €
Weekend Yoga and Detox Retreat
Detox your body and relax your mind with morning meditation and yoga flow followed by holistic aromatherapy massage,face head and neck massage,reflexology,clay or seaweed bodywrap, use of far infrared sauna with holistic coloured light therapy, massage,daily walk with guide, followed by evening meditation yoga. Optional nutritional assessment and protocols available.Package Includes accommodation en suite per person with use of toweling robes and slippers £350.00 per weekend.
Price: 350,00 €
Yoga Workshop For Teachers
Suthesh, is originally from Kerala he is a Naturopath ( DNYS) , Reiki Master and Ayurvedic/ Yoga Therapist. He has studied yoga for 20 years, taught by the traditional method in his local area with Sad Guru Maniyettan Yogasramam , and later Sri Sri Ravishankar in Bangalore. also registered SYT with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK. He has been working in Scotland for 5 years and now teaching yoga workshops at River Almond Retreat in Portugal.For more information email
Price: 850,00 €
Discovering The use of Dark Field Microscopic Analysis
The quality of ones health is demonstrated in the state of the blood cells,and their contents.cellular imbalances are characterised by the breakdown of cells,showing free radical effects.The introduction class will offer the holistic therapist or naturopaths an opportunity to understand the importance of the analysis and an overview of any imbalance that may be present within the cells.This workshop is taken over one full week includes accomodation vegan or vegetarian meals and an in depth study on a variety of nutritional protocols.use of spa facilities .
Price: 1 400,00 €
Learn to make Healthy Vegan Meals
On this course you will learn and leave with a full understanding of the nutritional benefits of many of the foods that you are introduced to in a completely different light. You will learn to make Gluten Free,Sugar free vegan,vegetarian healthy meals focused on a series of health issues such as diabetes,low blood sugar,ADHD and more.. You will take home all the recipes of the meals that you made,and be proficient at making and presenting delicious vegan meals.Includes meals and accommodation daily yoga and use of spa.
Price: 1 050,00 €