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Beekeeping Course Open Now at River Almond Farms
Ecosystem at River Almond Retreat
Health and Wellness
September at River Almond Farms,Perthshire Scotland
Yoga Classes
Yoga Retreat at River Almond
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Organic Farmers Market in Alpedrinha,Fundao June 17th 10 am -3pm pm

"In a relaxed and beautiful farm environment,local organic producers will be offering their delicious healthy and fresh organic, vegetables, fruits, jams, honey, eggs,all produced in the local region. An opportunity to buy and get to know your local organic food producers.The Bio Market will take place at Quinta Noguerao Fundeiro in Alpedrinha.There will also be a workshop on Natural Beekeeping with James Gunning,Candle Making with Filipa,Soap Making with Paula,Making Yoga Matt Sack with Shivatta and a talk about nature awareness and childhood with Lisa Marie and James and nature walks to identify bird song and trees,and local abundance of nature.There will also be an opportunity to enjoy  delicious organic vegetarian sushi,and Green Tea for 7.00 euros, or hummous and grilled vegetable wraps with tahini and mint tea.It is recommended that you reserve lunch to guarantee availability via email to or text  sushi or tahini to 927196700
Additional activities will be available for children and include face painting,and other fun activities throughout the day.

Nutritional, Sustainable & Affordable

Nutritional, Sustainable & Affordable 

Organic Millet,Quinoa,Spelt Flours are a far more nutritious choice to make for bread and baking and offer far more zinc,selenium,magnesium than the average bleached GM and treated flour that is offered all and used for baking.You can now buy in bulk 25 kg bags of these nutritious flours to share with friends and or family and also save and cut costs as well as offer a nutritious alternative.Its fun and social,just bring your bags and containers and fill up or take away and have a sharing party at home.To reserve your bulk bags of organic flours or organic brown rice please email Available at The River Almond Farm shop Fundao.

Day weekend Detox Retreat at River Almond Retreat Glenalmond

We need to take time for ourselves to smell the flowers all around us and feel the sun on our face when it shines!The  Deeply Relaxing  Detox Retreat, starts with relaxing morning yoga meditation with Suthesh,followed by  lymphatic detox massage,aromatherapy, rose oil facial massage. The day retreat includes delicious organic juices and healthy organic lunch and herb detox teas,use of toweling robes and slippers 

Ecosytem at River Almond Retreat

The 8 baby duckling are doing well and only for their amazing mother who keeps them so close by her side. Recognizing my sound they accepted my offerings while the bees were showing their honor and celebration finally to Mother Sun. who managed to illuminate the entire eco system and pond and bathe the tadpoles in the mitochondrial  luminescence to help move them forward to a new body to express their song in full celebration.


Yoga Classes starting Mondays 1130 to 1pm at River Almond Retreat Glenalmond with Suthesh who has has been practicing yoga for  over a decade and offers great knowledge and a wonderful relaxing yoga class to wake up your body and get it ready for the coming summer sunshine!! Classes  10.00 per class drop in or 10% off for block booking. Reservation is recommended as spaces limited,please bring mat if you have one. Tel 01738 506406 or email

Natural Beekeeping Courses Now On

Natural Beekeeping Courses at River Almond Farms
Starting April 23rd

Natural Beekeeping Course for beginners in Glenalmond
Starting Saturdays 11am -12 noon weekly
Cost 15.00 pounds including refreshments each class.

The course will run over a series of Saturdays starting from April 23rd from 
11 am to 12 noon, at River Almond Farms, Glenalmond. Tel 07836 357510 01738 506406. You will also have the opportunity to purchase a hive of organic bees free of any chemical treatments. James Gunning has been a beekeeper for over thirty five years and practices natural beekeeping using natural methods to manage the hive and work with the local natural habitat. This is a chance to learn top tips and information from a very experienced and knowledgeable beekeeper

A talk on Detoxing Protocol for health

Saturday The 23rd April 2016 1.30 pm to
Detoxing protocols for the 21st Century 
Detoxing the body is discussed in depth with an opportunity to experience and taste the proven protocols that are used to transform health and wellness in your patient and yourself. This talk and event is by reservation only and limited in numbers as it will offer the opportunity to experience the protocols such as Far infrared sauna treatment, Hyperbaric Oxygen,Dark Field Microscopy,Magnetic Clay and Seaweed Wraps, Ozone Therapy, Magnetic Laser Therapy , Visualization Techniques.Bring your swimsuit, and comfortable clothes and towel suggested donation £15.00 includes teas,smoothies and fresh juices For reservations please e mail or call 01738 506406 

A Talk on Natural Therapies for Lyme Disease

Saturday The 23rd April 2016 to 1pm 
Overcoming Lyme Disease European Educator and Holistic Naturopath Judy Rocher will be running a workshop on a very  serious upcoming topic that is prevalent during the Springtime (Lyme Disease). Judy will offer her in depth knowledge of treatments with herbs and additional natural treatments for eliminating Lyme Disease and teach protocols which will be demonstrated with an opportunity to purchase the products and herbs at a reduced cost.Judy will be delivering the course at  River Almond Retreat in Glenalmond. This is the beginning of a series of wellness workshops aimed at carers and therapist over the coming year, suggested donation £15.00 includes light organic tapas and herb teas, limited spacesFor reservations please e mail or call 01738 506406

Sign Up for Beekeeping Now At River Almond Farms

Beginners Beekeeping Course at River Almond Retreat
Beekeeping Course for beginners 

Starting Saturday 19th May 11am -12 noon weekly
At River Almond Retreat,Fundao
Donation of 15.00 euros .
The course will run over a series of Saturdays. You will also have the opportunity to purchase a hive of organic bees free of any chemical treatment.
James Gunning has been a beekeeper for over thirty five years and practices natural beekeeping.This is a chance to learn top tips and information from a very experienced and knowledgeable Beekeeper.
The Course will Cover
Understanding the Beehive
Positioning of hives
Shrubs and plants for pollination and nectar
Basic hive management including
Spring management
Observation of hive and contents
Remedial actions required to optimize a healthy hive
Summer management includes
Looking for Queen cells
Recognizing Queen cells
Recognizing Drone cells
Understanding the workers
Swarm management
Swarm Control
Swarm catching
The use of bait hives
Late Summer management Includes
Honey production and safe removal and storage
Autumn management includes
Observation of the hives in preparation for winter
Understanding the weight of hive in respect of food stores
learning to make the hives secure against all animals and winter weather conditions

September at River Almond Farm,Perthshire Scotland

The sun is shining again finally,with a soft northerly wind  just enough to embrace the senses,with the smell of freshly made honey,.we witness this  most magnificent magic from mother nature and spy the bees taking in the pollen from the willow herb,oregano and heather.The sun gifts her shadows on the trees long enough to kiss the beak of the house martin resting on its leaves,until it dances up through the only clear blue sky we have seen all summer,and to meet the companion swallow diving through a bed of  lavender, purple  and lilac flowers  as far as the eye can see,while the radiant pink rose petals are drifting in the Autumn wind,making way for rose hips,juniper,holly berries, autumn, flowering crocus, and more and more heather.It will finally be a gentler week for nature all around us