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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

This therapy uses 99.9%  pure oxygen administered at two to three times the normal atmospheric pressure within a special chamber. When oxygen is dissolved in the blood, the increased oxygen is delivered directly to tissues. This is best known for its use in treating carbon monoxide poisoning, gas gangrene and decompression in divers, known as the 'bends'.However, hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy is now increasingly being used as an adjunct to standard medical care because it not only reduces swelling or oedema, but also produces antioxidant effects and stimulates new blood vessel formation where the blood supply is limited. It is now used to treat anaerobic infections, bone infections, difficult wounds, crush and soft tissue injuries, burns, skin grafts and radiation injuries MS,ceribral palsy.HBO has proved useful in treating diabetes, vascular disease, cancer patients undergoing irradiation, and in those recovering from cosmetic, plastic and laser surgery. Research is now looking at its use in stroke, HIV linked disorders and chronic fatigue syndrome. It is also being used for treating sports injuries, and some believe that it enhances athletic performance. Some 26 centres in the UK now offer this therapy for Cancer treatment. As the double Nobel Prize winner Dr Warburg showed, cancer cells cannot exist in a high oxygen environment.