RIVER ALMOND FARM FOODS - Organic Seasonal Veg Box,Wild Honey,Herbs,Fresh Bread

At River Almond Farms we are dedicated to offering only the healthiest,freshest tastiest organic produce straight from the farm to our community,such as our delicious Organic Healthy Veg and Fruit Box which covers all of your five a day required nutritional needs.

Delivered weekly throughout Perthshire the Healthy Box can also be accompanied with your choice of delicious low calorie healthy artisan snacks,or fresh stone baked low gluten and low calorie breads and treats.

Sign up today online.Just click Order Produce on the side bar and submit your form and your preferred day of delivery and you will be on your way to starting your new Healthy you,while supporting small community farmers,growers and beekeepers alike.

We welcome the opportunity to deliver  to you our Farm Fresh Healthy Five a Day Organic Box delivery within our beautiful county of Perthshire.

Delivery's on Saturday and Mondays within Perthshire.

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