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Welcome to River Almond Retreat

We are situated in a place of great natural beauty, close by to The River Almond at the bottom of the foothills of the Scottish Highlands,an ideal setting for your relaxation and restorative peaceful contemplation and observation of the natural beauty and local natural wildlife and hills of heather that surrounds us. The Lodge rests on  just over twelve acres, and includes two small lakes with natural wildlife  such as,visiting ospreys,red kites,otters surrounded by pastures and woodland,a peaceful place undisturbed by the pressures of city life, and free of pollution where you can see the night sky in all its glory.We are a not for profit centre and encourage people in need of rehabilitation and  peace to come to be nurtured for both body and mind. All request for bookings are only made through using our online form, we hope to continue to offer a completely peaceful space for those that are  using the garden and space or receiving treatments.

What We Offer
We offer a quiet place and garden to enjoy with the option of restorative treatments  in a peaceful surrounding from experienced experts, with a focus on rehabilitation and restoration of body,mind, spirit. Our treatments range from Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy,Massage Therapy, Reflexology,Indian Head Massage,Nutritional Guidance, Juicing, Yoga, Mindfullness Meditation, Pilates,Alexander Technique,Breathwork. All the treatments are offered within a safe and peaceful environment.