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Refugee Children are suffering silently and equally we hope we can make a small difference to some by setting up fund raising events to purchase pop up play tents to offer a safe place for the refugee children to play amidst all the chaos,and horror that they have endured which will help  the children to forget and hopefully overcome much of the terrible trauma that they have suffered silently. The pop up play tents will be supervised by mothers and teachers daily, thus allowing the children to play,create  music, paint,enjoy craft making, puppet making and just be children within a space of their very own safely.The first pop up play tent will be taken over to Lesvos initially,where I will be installing it with family and friends,ensuring that we set them up directly with no middle men or additional costs. The volunteers have been forthcoming, but we would always need more, puppeteers, artists, singers, musicians, crafters,to make a commitment to offer their time and skills.I will be going back with my two teenage children and friends with families to set up the pop up play tents with the donations that we receive by the end of March.If you are interested in getting involved in a local fund raising event to help us to purchase the pop up play tents and play materials please get in touch we welcome all the help and support we need to make it happen and make the difference to a child's life.

Thank you!

Lisa Marie 
Voice of Children

Past Fund raising Events

Thank you Anna Daniel,Lisa,Jo,Jenny,Rob,Judy,Dreen,Tess,HSS,Martin plant hire,Caelum,Gordons Catering,Gourley,Mobile Mini,Chill Chaser infarred heaters,Mark Stretch Tents Scotland,Andrew,Nomads Tent,Apex generators,Maria Speight,Cameron,Leila,Magda,Dorota,and all those that worked so hard and made it possible and contributed to making a big difference.

“Nomads Tent Bedouin Banquet” Friday the 27 November 7- 10pm
 At River Almond Retreat” 
Enjoy an Authentic Bedouin Tented Evening with delicious food including whole lamb on spit, Moroccan Tagine, Lamb Kebabs, Stuffed Vine Leafs, and Falafel
Stone Baked Flat Bread, Pomegranate and Rosewater Panicotta, with live music from Edinburgh Jazz Club 6 piece band and fabulous singer Maria Speight and more.All proceeds going towards The Syrian Refugee Childrens Crisis
Suggested donation of twenty pounds .Booking required. For Reservations Tel 01738 506406 or email
”Nomads Tent Christmas Fayre” from 28 November till 6 December at “River Almond Retreat” 
A wonderful Christmas Fayre with a Difference,! Offering Wonderful Nomadic Bedouin Jewelery, hand painted wooden gifts, Moroccan pottery, wooden toys and crafts for Christmas gifts, Christmas trees, Children’s Storytelling Tents, Craft, Art Tents, Horse and Cart Rides and also serving delicious homemade soups, bread cakes, teas, mulled wine, buckwheat crepes, and fresh pressed juices. All proceeds going to “The Syrian Refugee Children’s Crisis” 10 am to 5pm daily.
“Kipling in India”. 2 December 630-8pm at “River Almond Retreat”
An illustrated performance and talk by Rufus Read who followed Kipling’s very footsteps. Rufus was the original Founder of Nomads Tent and runs Rufus Reads Tours. This is a wonderful performance of Kipling’s own story with excerpt from his poems and writings. Suggested donation of six pounds includes soup and Tea or Spiced Chai.Booking required for reservations  email